Monthly Archives: February 2015

Our second episode is live!

We had a ton of fun putting this one together, and we hope you dig it. We’re on a fairly steady shooting schedule these days, which means almost every weekend, we’re getting together to make new sketches. We’re learning a ton and having a blast. Hope you are too!

Pobody’s nerfect

When Ghandi coined the phrase “pobody’s nerfect,” he gave license to the entire human species to keep on fuckin’ up. In the spirit of fuckin’ up, we released a blooper reel from our first episode.

All of the footage from that episode was shot over two grueling days. Grueling because of our ambitious schedule. But we also had a blast. Here’s the evidence:

Our very first live show

When we launched our first episode at the Mercury Room, we performed an original song live. Trent wrote it. We spoke it. He sang it. People’s faces melted at its beauty and directness. Two babies were spontaneously conceived and immediately born. It was remarkable. See for yourself…